Consign with Big Al’s Auction

We sell all manner of personal and business property, antiques, collectibles, jewelry, ceramics and glass, rugs and art works, tools and appliances, books and ephemera, stamps, coins and currency, sports equipment -­anything of value. There are however some items that we will not accept for auction, and your consignment will be screened before acceptance.

We will decline the following items:

  • Smelly or overly stained items (pet urine, mold, food etc.)
  • Most furniture unless antique or high brand name
  • Used clothing, except for vintage, designer label & sports team items
  • Mismatched kitchen glasses, cups, battered pots and pans
  • Fluffy toys / stuffed toys and most dolls (but ask . . .)
  • Appliances, electronics, and power tools that are not in working condition
  • Any item that we think is either yard sale quality or should be donated

You need to contact us ahead of time and make an appointment, then call or text the day of the appointment to verify.

All items must be clean. If we open a box and there are items with chips, dirty parts, etc., we will return them. Also, be sure to remove all price and name labels, unless it’s original/vintage.

If you have a lot split between several boxes, please say as such on the box (part 1 of 2 will do). 

Be mindful of putting tape on original boxes that go with the item, and on old leather, antiques, etc., as it can damage the value of these items. Even “blue” tape.

Each lot needs at least a $20 resale value, with $50 being preferred. Smaller valued items can be grouped together such as a lot of coins, antique kitchen, etc.

It is up to our staff to decide if the items can sell by themselves or must be placed in lots for better profit. Our job is to make you the most money we can, we don’t get paid until you get paid.

If you know anything about the history of any of the items, please write the information down and give it to us. Sometimes knowing where it came from can bring better money.

We usually are working an auction or two ahead so items dropped off might not be in an auction for 4-6 weeks. Most of your items will be together, one after another in the same auction. A large amount might be spread out over several auctions or single lots may be placed in a special part of the auction if deemed to be more profitable.

Auctioneer will receive commissions per item/lot sold of 40% of sale price.

Be a Preferred Consignor with Big Al’s Auction

Preferred Consignors: These are ongoing consignors working with us over time that bring items in (a) clean and working, (b) in orderable lots ready to be listed, and (c) with a written list of all lots in a numbered order. Preferred commission will be:

40% under $49.99

30% $50 - $299.99

25% $300 - $999.99 20% Over $1000

A. Make an appointment to drop off items and call again the day of and re-verify.

B. Put them in lots like you would like them sold. All lots must be discernible from each other, separate bags, boxes, etc. that are tagged or noted. Items thrown into a box for us to sort through take extra time and we must charge regular consignor rates (40%). Now, if you give us a box filled with valuable items and ask for our help, that’s different.

C. All items must be clean. If we open a box and there are items with chips, dirty parts, etc., we will return them. Also, be sure to remove all price and name labels, unless it’s original/vintage.

D. Make a list of everything dropped off, handwritten sheet, typed or electronical. We want to be able to cross items off as they come in, are processed, and information is put into the auction. Please furnish anything special about the lots, brand names, designs, etc. to help us get the most money for your items. If you have a lot of notes you might wish to furnish the list to us electronically.

E. Give Back Shelf: We will send you an email stating when we have items for you to pick up in the give back shelf. These are items that didn’t make the cut or didn’t sell. You have 15 days after the email to pick them up. Then they will be considered forfeited and donated or used for our purposes.

And, as in life, there are always exceptions. A non-working electronic item, if a desirable antique, may be worth a lot of money to a collector. I personally sold an antique wind-up toy, which looked like it went under the wheels of a truck, for $400 because of its rarity. Barbies and stuffed animals, for example, aren’t selling well and are turned away but even they can change on a dime or end up being a rare model worth hundreds. When in doubt you can always call or text or even bring it in and we’ll decide on the spot.

Business Selling/Consignment

The owner, Al Raines, has started over 40 small businesses, including the Vancouver Business Journal, so knows what you’re going through. Maybe you want to clean out the storage room of equipment or stock you don’t need anymore. That would fall under the consignment arena. Quite a few businesses buy from us on a normal basis and you can get a good price for your items without having to go through all the hassle.

If you need to liquidate an entire business or a large portion (moving sale anyone?), you may need an on-site auction, special on-line auction just for your company or have items moved to another location to facilitate the sale. Contact Al directly and he’ll help you figure something to make it all go smoother and more profitable.